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Steven M. Hall MD practices a dynamic form of medicine that combines traditional and alternative modalities. His goal is to encourage each patient to find wholeness in his or her life on all levels — physical, emotional, social and spiritual. Residency-trained in family practice, Dr. Hall’s consuming curiosity propelled him out of the traditional medical box as he sought answers to his patients’ seemingly unsolvable medical problems.

This search led him to explore and incorporate wisdom from many other systems of healing including nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, hypnosis, Functional medicine, Osteopathic manipulation and advanced Cranio-Sacral therapy. (Functional medicine looks at how the body functions with the eye of optimizing things like digestion, adrenal and thyroid function, hormones and the immune system; and advanced Cranio-Sacral therapy is a way of treating the whole physical body, emotions, body memories, energetic blocks and spiritual lessons all at the same time.)

Currently Dr. Hall practices in Issaquah, where he sees patients for in-depth visits that allow thorough investigations of any health issue. He assists patients in learning to access their body’s own wisdom and fully realize the teachings being offered by health issues and other life experiences.

Since 1991, Dr. Hall has been an adjunct professor and clinical preceptor for Bastyr University of Naturopathic Medicine. For many years he also has been teaching a comprehensive Cranio-Sacral therapy training and other classes in specific wellness topics in other settings.

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Some of the Conditions that Dr. Hall Commonly Treats

* Adrenal Fatigue
* Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia
* Hormonal Imbalances
* Allergies, Asthma and Skin Issues
* Menopause - with Natural/Bio-identical Hormones
* Multiple Chemical Sensitivities
* ADD/ADHD in children and adults
* Headaches
* Back and/or Neck Pain
* Digestive Issues
* Car Accidents
* Post-Concussion Syndrome
* Immune System Imbalances
* Weight Loss
* Metabolic Syndrome
* Diabetes
* Arthritis
* Addictions
* Sleep Disorders
* Physical and Emotional Traumas
* Chronic Pain or Chronic Illnesses
* Unusual or un-diagnosed conditions
* Newborn cranial treatments to clear birth trauma
* Auto-Immune Diseases
* Stress Reduction
* Orthodontia Assistance using Cranio-Sacral therapy to shorten the course and ease the discomfort
* Osteoporosis Prevention
* Heart Health Evaluations
* Lifestyle-Wellness Evaluations  — to help you stay healthy