What people say about Dr. Hall

It's not  easy finding a doctor who's highly skilled in both conventional and alternative medicine. I drive 3 1/2 hours each way to see him because his patient care is stellar. I love that he doesn't just "treat" me but INCLUDES me in my healing.
—  JF, Writer

Our family is most grateful for Dr. Hall’s incredible diagnostic skills. After first listening extensively to our daughter’s story, he used his unique scientific knowledge, his instincts and touch to detect a rare condition in my daughter’s arm. This serious situation was made much less traumatic by the calming influence of Dr. Hall’s initial impressions and recommendations.
— JA, Stay-At-Home Mom

I have worked with Dr. Hall for the past 51/2 years. I say “worked with” because Steve’s approach to healing is as a partnership. He is always aware that his clients are the captains of their own healing process. Working with him empowers the individual to come at healing with an open attitude and a willingness to explore health challenges from different levels. He brings with him an extensive knowledge of allopathic and naturopathic medicine, as well as openness to the power of spirit. There is always greater understanding and greater awareness. I learned that my health problems are keys to my own personal empowerment.
— AM, Philanthropist

I consulted with Dr. Hall about a chronic health issue. I had seen other doctors about this and was unhappy with their recommendations. They didn’t fit my lifestyle or values. Dr. Hall listened carefully to my entire story and worked with me to find a solution that not only resolved the problem but fit me as an individual. I’m very happy with the result.
— BH, Student

Many years ago, I started seeing Dr. Hall for migraines. Other MDs told me my list of symptoms was too long and not related. I was given pain medications to ease the pain, but no treatment in how to eliminate them. After a thorough exam which included questions I'd never been asked by any other doctor, Dr. Hall helped me eliminate my migraines by suggesting a diet that was free of allergens. That diet changed my life.
     My pathology can be very complicated. I'd never had a doctor take my complete list of symptoms seriously and explain what might be happening. My favorite part of working with Steve is that I know he will take the time to listen to my concerns and make sense of them. There have been numerous times when I've come to him when I've already been told by other doctors that there was nothing wrong, only to have Steve ask me a few questions and then suggest one test that identifies an issue that doesn't seem to be on the radar of mainstream medicine. Steve is the best diagnostician I know.
     To this day, I do what he suggests and it works. His explanations are complete, make sense, and leave me feeling my concerns have been heard, validated, and appropriately addressed.  If anything, they are too thorough. I've never felt there was anything missing from my work with Steve.
     Steve is compassionate, kind, and has a real calling to heal. He is knowledgeable on so many subjects, constantly researching, and sharing his findings in a way that is easily understood. He embraces the mind, body, spirit connection fully. He has a remarkable way of bringing all aspects of healing into a session. I always leave his office thinking "this is what the practice of medicine should be."
—  Joanne H. Almvig  Seattle, WA. USA

I had tried many things to alleviate the pain that I was having from a back surgery that didn’t quite go as I had hoped.  I found Steve to be so knowledgeable and caring and really listened.  His experience and wisdom provides not only techniques but also different ideas on how to think about and look at circumstances which helps to release the pain in many ways.  So it was natural for me to return to Steve when I found I had a brain tumor.  He not only helped me and my body prepare for the surgery but afterwards to help with the inflammation and pain where I attained immediate results and didn’t have to be on pain meds for very long.
     His continued guidance has helped me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as that is what his work entails.  The whole person and not just the ailment.  He helps to uncover the cause whether it was for my hormone imbalance, physical pain from surgeries or the fear that I was feeling going forward in my life.  I can’t say enough about his expertise and wisdom which is a beautiful combination that I highly recommend.
—  Brenda Reiss, Forgiveness Coach, therecreationcoach.com