Eat Your Way to a Happy, Healthy Gut

Come spend a day at the farm and learn how to rebuild your body's natural health and vitality with food. This hands-on class is packed full of practical medical and cooking information that you can take home and put to right to work to help rebuild your own health. You will learn how eating nutrient dense foods you can cook right at home will help you stop and reverse chronic disease and reduce chronic inflammation. Dr. Hall will be explain exactly why and how to rebuild your bowel ecology with foods and how this can effect your health long term. His wife Patti will be teaching the kitchen skills. We will be tasting, cooking and fermenting. This class is a fun introduction to a whole new healthy lifestyle. Remember, food is your first medicine.

Topics we will explore:

* Bone Broth
* Fermented foods (we will be making at least two different types and tasting more)
* Preparing nuts, grains, seeds and legumes to make them more digestible. 
* Healthy Fats
* Mineral Salts

You will go home with plenty of information  including written recipes, a jar of homemade broth, some sample nuts and a jar of sauerkraut that you made yourself.  


Summer Winds Farm,  Snoqualmie, WA 98065


Sunday August 23, 2015 10am-4pm, with a break for lunch.
Cost: $150 including all supplies. 

To register send your check and your contact info to: 

Steven M Hall MD
39819 SE 60th St
Snoqualmie, WA 98065 


Dr. Steve Hall specializes in Functional Medicine, a system of medicine that helps people heal the root causes of their illness. For many people this involves optimizing their ailing digestive system and often involves radical dietary changes. Dr. Hall been helping folks change their diets to improve their health since he was a resident in the early 1980’s when he became fascinated with the relationship between diet and health. 

Patti Pitcher (Dr. Hall’s wife) loves anything to do with the kitchen.  She teaches practical home arts at Sound Circle Center in Seattle and is the co-founder of The Farm Wife Mystery School, a comprehensive course covering traditional kitchen skills including canning, fermenting. broth making, baking, meat preservation, cheesemaking and other old time traditional wisdom. If you are interested in this 9 month course, contact her at for more information. Courses start in October and go through June.